Tax Season 2021 Client Letter

Dear Client,
We hope you are having a happy and healthy start to the new year. Tax season is once again upon us, and brings with it greater uncertainty amidst an extraordinarily tough year. After a really long, and challenging 2020, we emerge grateful - grateful for your patience with us in the past year, grateful for our hardworking and dedicated staff, grateful for our health, and grateful for our loved ones still with us.    
In 2021, we are committed to providing you timely and professional tax preparation services. We are equally committed to protecting the health and safety of our staff, and of our clients, throughout the new year. Therefore, in anticipation of the upcoming tax season, we are changing our systems and processes to better adapt to the reality of working through the pandemic.   
Tax Season 2021 | Things To Know: 
  • Delayed Start: The IRS has delayed the official start of the 2021 tax season by two weeks, to February 12, 2021. The agency will not accept, nor process any tax year 2020 returns until then, however we encourage you to share your documents (please note the new "Document-Sharing Policy" below) as soon as possible, so that we can get started working on your return right away.
  • Due date, without extension, remains Thursday, April 15, 2021.      
  • No in-person meetings: Phone or video meetings are available.  Please use this link to schedule an appointment. 
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    We are offering several ways for you to safely provide your tax documents to us, listed in order of preference. 
  1. Sharefile Client Portal: Since this is the fastest, most secure way of sharing your documents, many clients already use and prefer this option. Once you log into your account, you can upload and organize the documents in the appropriate folder by tax-year. NEW! Download the Citrix Files app on your smartphone to upload pictures of your documents!
  2. Login Problems with Sharefile? We can resolve any problems you may have accessing your account, or provide you with a personalized and secure folder link to upload the documents without having to log in. Please call our office at 301-912-3450 or email us at service[at] 
  3. Like Sending Email Attachments? Upload HERE InsteadAlthough convenient, email is a very unsecure way of sharing your private and sensitive financial documents. Instead of emailing your attachments, please upload your documents on our website to securely share with us.  
  4. Fax your documents: If you do not prefer the options listed above, and have access to a fax machine, please fax all your tax documents to us at 888-235-5350.
  5. Go to the UPS Store #2249: For your convenience, we have collaborated with the locally owned and operated UPS Store #2249 (located behind the Royals Farms on Route 108) to provide Tax Document Scanning services to our clients. If you do not have access to a scanner or fax machine, you may stop by this UPS store, located less than a mile away from our office, for scanning your tax documents and sharing them with us. 

    When you go into the store, please inform the store associate that you are an Etax Corporation client, and are there to get your documents scanned. The UPS Store associate will help you quickly scan all your tax documents. Once scanned, the associate will securely upload the scanned document files directly into our secure portal. Please retain the original tax documents with you. The UPS Store will charge you $1.00 for the first page, and $0.50 for each additional page. Share a picture of the receipt with us, to receive a reimbursement of these fees (up to a maximum of $20 or 39 pages) on your Etax Corporation Invoice. 

    Click here to learn more the UPS Store #2249's location and hours of operation. 
  6. Schedule a Scanning Appointment: We have a limited number of document scanning appointments available on Saturdays, in the Columbia office, for those not comfortable with any of the options available above. Reserve a time slot for scanning.  
  7. Drop-off / Mail COPIES of Tax Documents: You can slip copies of tax documents under the Columbia office door anytime, or mail a copy to the Columbia office address. We will shred these documents once they are scanned into our system. 
    NOTE: Please share only copies of your original tax documents with us, to avoid being charged the $100 Handling and Mailing Fee. Refer to "Special Note on Sharing Original Tax Documents" below.  

  8. Drop-off & Pick-up / Mail ORIGINAL Tax Documents: If you are unable to get copies of your tax documents online, or do not have access to a copy machine, and if none of the options provided above work for you, you must ONLY use our Columbia office address for dropping-off and picking-up, or for mailing, your original tax documents. 

    Special Note on Sharing Original Tax Documents: Working remotely from various different locations has complicated the logistics of ensuring that no original tax documents are misplaced. We will be required to schedule special trips to the office to ensure that we receive, store, and return your original documents timely and safely. Therefore, we are implementing a $100 Handling and Mailing Fee for ensuring proper care of your original tax documents this tax season. This fee will be charged if you would like to pick-up, or get your original tax documents mailed back. This includes a physical copy of your tax return in the company folder. 

  • Electronic copies of your tax return are included in our service. However, we will charge a $50 Mailing Fee to ship, mail, or co-ordinate a pick-up of, a physical copy of your tax return due to the increased logistics this tax season. Please see "Special Note on Sharing Original Tax Documents" above. 
We thank you for your cooperation, patience and understanding as we adapt to ever-changing variables this tax season. We sincerely appreciate your patronage, and as always, strive to provide you with a professional, timely, and efficient service. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority and most valuable asset, and your recommendation to a friend, family-member, or colleague is the most significant vote of confidence. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 


The Etax Staff 

Harak Gala, CPA | Praveen Jain, CPA | Paridhi Jain, CPA | Cory Gimperling, CFPTM | Rachel Milne | Bhavani Siva | Lucy Torres | Lauren Gimperling