Tax Preparation

Download Worksheets

Rental Worksheet

Business Worksheet

Documents Required for Taxes

Form 1095 (A, B or C) for Health Insurance
Your Handwritten Notes
W2s and W2Gs
1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-OID etc.
1099-B (With "Cost Basis" for the stocks sold)
1099-C AND 1099-A (cancellation of Debt)
1099-G (For State Refund / Unemployment)
SSA-1099 (Social Security Statements)
1098 (Mortgage for the main home)
1098 (Rental -Write property address on 1098)
1099-MISC (Need "Business Worksheet")
Completed "Rental Worksheet" for each property
Each Day Care Provider's Address and Tax ID
K-1s for Partnerships, S-Corps, Trusts
1098-T for College Tuition and Fees
1099-E for Student Loan Interest
1099-Q for Coverdell ESA Distribution
1099-S for Real Estate Sales
Previous Year's Tax Return (New Customers Only)
Non-Cash Charitable Contr. Worksheet (Download) 
Rental Income-Expense Worksheet (Download)
Business Worksheet (Download)
Medical Expense Worksheet (Download)
Any Other Tax Document Not Included Above
Arizona , Arkansas ,California ,Colorado ,
Connecticut ,Delaware ,District of Columbia ,
Georgia ,Hawaii ,Idaho ,Illinois ,Indiana ,
Iowa , Kansas , Kentucky , Louisiana , 
Maine ,Maryland ,Massachusetts ,Michigan ,
Minnesota ,Mississippi ,Missouri ,Montana ,
Nebraska ,New Jersey ,New Mexico ,
New York ,North Carolina ,North Dakota ,
Ohio ,Oklahoma ,Oregon ,Pennsylvania ,
Rhode Island ,South Carolina ,Utah ,
Vermont ,Virginia ,West Virginia ,Wisconsi


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