Harak Gala, CPA
Founder and Advisor

Harak Gala, CPA, founded E-tax Corporation in 1993. For more than 25 years, Mr. Gala has created value for his clients by looking at each client as a unique individual with unique tax and financial needs. Before that, he worked as a financial controller and a treasurer for a Maryland based subsidiary of a multinational European Corporation.

Beginning as an engineer, he was perplexed by how many wealthy people paid a lower tax rate than most ordinary taxpayers and how some major corporations were paying nothing in taxes, despite earning millions of dollars in gross profit. These questions intrigued young Gala so much that he became a CPA, quickly discovering the folly in paying taxes without the proper planning.

Mr. Gala is dedicated to providing personal and professional attention to his clients and helping them reduce their taxes and pursue their financial goals. He focuses on core values of his clients. This gives him a better understanding of what is important to them so that he can help them make smart financial decisions. He has developed the ability to explain complex and confusing wealth planning* concepts in a simple way. He works pro-actively with his clients and provides them training, seminars and educational opportunities as tax laws and regulations change.

Harak and his wife, Nalini, have two daughters, and currently lives in Odenton, MD. Let Mr. Gala help you with your tax planning and financial planning needs.