New Beginnings

By - Admin
January 17, 2022 10:05 AM
We have been hard at work this past year implementing various changes behind the scenes, with one guiding principle: how to better serve our clients.

As your trusted tax and financial advisor, you not only expect professional expertise from us, but also clear, responsive communication, and timely delivery of our services. To that end, we have re-designed our website to include a few self-service tools to help you quickly find answers to the most frequent and pressing questions.
Furthermore, as you may already know, we have also expanded our core team to include three experts in niche areas : 
  • Mr. Praveen Jain CPA, who has on boarded the etax team as a Partner;
  • Mr. J. Cory Gimperling CFP, who has on boarded the etax team as a Financial Advisor; and 
  • Ms. Paridhi Jain, CPA, who has on boarded the etax team as a Small Business and Technology Advisor.
As you may have noticed, we have begun updating our technology stack behind the scenes to allow a more streamlined procedures and more effective communication such as automated emails from our system requesting you to submit personalized annual questionnaires, and notifications of e-filed tax return as soon as we e-file your tax return, thereby keeping you informed of our progress. We have also enabled communication via text/SMS to allow faster communication and have made our new client on-boarding system more streamlined.

We are continuing to be hard at work throughout the year to allow for easier and more transparent communication. Some neat features that we are working on behind the scenes include the ability to find out the status of your tax return preparation, a new client portal and a chat tool for faster and secure communication.

We are extremely grateful to you for being patient with us as we evolve in etax corporation's journey and are really excited for what the future has in store for all of us!