Welcome to our newly re-designed website!

By - Admin
January 05, 2022 09:00 AM
We have streamlined our website to be cleaner, simpler and fresh thus making our design aesthetic easier on the eye. Not only have we removed broken-links, we have also included a few self-service tools to quickly help you find the answers that you seek. Lastly, we have provided a timeline to show you how our website has evolved over the years. 

We sincerely hope for you to enjoy our new website and hope that you find it easier and pleasing to navigate.

 Here are some resources to simplify your life during tax-time:

​Check Your Refund Status

The IRS and various state agencies have made it easy to track your refund online. Use our tool to locate the appropriate agency and follow the directions to check the status of your refund online.

​ Make your tax payments online

The IRS and various state agencies have provided online tools to make your tax payments more convenient and safe. Pay your tax balance due on a notice or return, make estimated tax payments or file and pay tax with your extension electronically.

​Download worksheets

We have updated our worksheets to include various tax information often required during tax time. Download these worksheets, fill it out and upload on our website!

​Upload your documents without logging in

You are no longer required to log in to our client portal to share your documents. Uploading your documents on our website is as easy as attaching files to an email, and can also be done on your phone. 

​Schedule an appointment

We keep our booking calendar updated so you can schedule a meeting at your convenience around the year! You can schedule a quick call, to drop by our office for tax document scanning, or to meet in person. 

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2019-2021 Website
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