IRS Extension Guide for 2023

By - Admin
January 17, 2024 03:47 PM

Follow these steps to make an extension payment to the IRS for tax year 2023:

Step 1: Go to the Official website of IRS at or click on the button below
Visit the Official Website of the IRS
Step 2: Select "Pay Now with Direct Pay" on the landing page
Step 3: Select the option of "Make a Payment" on the next page as shown below
Step 4: Make sure to select "Extension" from the "Reason for Payment" drop-down menu as shown below
Step 5: Once the reason for the payment is selected as "Extension", ensure the tax year 2023 is automatically filled in
Step 6: Click on continue, and verify your identity to proceed further with the payment
Step 7: Print and Upload the confirmation with us on our website or in your ShareFile Portal
Upload the Confirmation