Document Sharing Policy

We do not accept your sensitive documents through non-secured email. 
Please do not attach any documents in your email when you communicate with us. Instead, we offer several ways for you to provide your tax documents to us safely, listed in the order of our preference:

1. Sharefile Client Portal

The fastest and the most secure way of sharing your documents with us. Once you log into your account, you can upload and organize the documents in the appropriate folder by tax-year.
You can also easily take pictures of documents on your smartphone and upload it directly to your client portal by installing the Sharefile Smartphone App ( on your phone.

2. Login Problems with Sharefile?

We can resolve any problems you may have accessing your account, or provide you with a personalized and secure folder link to upload the documents without having to log in. 
Please call our office at 301-912-3450 or email us for us to generate a secure upload link for your unique folder.

3. Like Sending Email Attachments?

Although convenient, email is not a secure way of sharing your private and sensitive financial documents. Instead of emailing your attachments, please use our upload your documents tool to securely share your data with us.
No Login Required.
Simply attach files as you would in an email. 

4. Fax your documents

If you have access to a fax machine, please fax all your tax documents and your updated information to us at our fax number 888-235-5350.

5. Schedule a Scanning Appointment

We have a limited number of document scanning appointments available on Saturdays throughout the tax season, in the Columbia office.

6. Drop-off / Mail COPIES of Tax Documents

You can slip copies of tax documents under the Columbia office door anytime or mail them to our Columbia office location at 8860 Columbia 100 Parkway, Suite 306, Columbia MD 21045. We will shred these documents once they are scanned into our system.
NOTE: Share only copies of your tax documents with us, to avoid being charged the $100 Handling Fee. 
Please refer to "Special Note on Sharing Original Tax Documents" below. 

7. Drop-off & Pickup / Mail ORIGINAL Tax Documents

If none of the options provided above work for you, you must ONLY use our Columbia office address for dropping-off and picking-up, or for mailing, your original tax documents.
A $100 Handling Fee is applicable. Please read the "Special Note on Sharing Original Tax Documents" that follows. 

​Special Note on Physical Copy of Tax Return

We will be charging a $100 Physical Tax Return Copy Fee to ship, mail, or co-ordinate a pick-up of a physical copy of your tax return. 
Electronic copies of your tax return will be provided at no extra cost.

​Special Note on Sharing ORIGINAL Tax Documents

Working remotely has complicated the logistics of ensuring that no original tax documents are misplaced. We are required to schedule special trips to the office to ensure that we receive, store, and return your original documents timely and safely.
Therefore, we are implementing a $100 Handling Fee to ensure proper care of your original tax documents. This fee will be charged if you would like to submit, pick-up, or mail your original tax documents.