Service Procedure

The following guidelines will provide you with a clear understanding of the process and expectations when you engage us to prepare your tax return:

Step 1: Know your responsibilities and deadlines in your role as a taxpayer:

    • Taxes are pay-as-you-go. Avoid interest and penalties by paying throughout the tax year as you receive income.

    • A good rule of thumb, to avoid additional interest and penalties, is to pay 90 percent of your tax during the year.

    • File your return on time. The due date to file your tax return is usually April 15th. You may request an extension to file your tax return by October 15th. However, the last day to pay your tax balance for the previous tax year remains April 15th.

    • You must provide complete and accurate information. As the taxpayer, you are responsible for keeping and organizing your records on a regular basis, and must accurately report your world-wide income and other information being requested on your tax return.    

      Step 2: Gather and Share Your Documents with E-Tax Corporation

        • Gather your tax documents.

          • Here is a handy list of common documents required for tax filing: Common Tax Documents (

          • Download worksheet templates for your unique tax situation:
            Share information related to your business or rental income and expenses, charitable contributions, medical expenses or foreign assets by using our templates linked here.
            Download Worksheets (

        • Ensure you have access to our secure client portal for document sharing.
          Click here to access your Sharefile client portal. If you are having trouble with your password, two-factor authentication or any other login trouble, please schedule a Quick Call with our tech admin or email us.

        • Share your documents and information with E-Tax Corporation.

          • After accessing your ShareFile Client Portal, double click to select the appropriate tax year folder. For example, select 'Tax Year 2023' folder for 2023 tax documents.

          • Please upload your updated tax year information and your complete tax documents with us.

          • We do not accept your sensitive documents through non-secured email.

          • For other ways of sharing your documents with us, please read our Document Sharing Policy

        • All documents must be provided before your return will be started. If you know you are missing documents, please let us know. We will only begin a return once you have indicated as such.

        • Please ensure that you have disclosed all worldwide income and financial assets.

        Step 3: Review the tax return prepared by E-Tax Corporation

          • Based on the information shared, we will prepare the tax return and may request additional information to complete the tax return.

          • Upon completion, we will upload a draft return to your client portal for your review.

          • If you would like to discuss your return, we recommend that you schedule an appointment to review your tax return together at least three weeks after you have uploaded your tax documents.

          Step 4: Finalize the tax return prepared by E-Tax Corporation

          • Once the draft tax return has been reviewed and confirmed by you, we will send you a signature and invoice payment request. 
          • Sign the e-filing authorization forms or, in the case of paper filing, print, sign, and mail your tax return.
          • Please pay our invoice so that we may electronically submit your tax return or share the final copy of your tax return for paper mailing.
          • We will electronically transmit your return to the IRS and state government authorities as soon as we receive the signed authorization form and invoice payment.
          • You will receive a confirmation from us once we electronically file your return. Please be sure to collect a Submission ID from us, as proof of filing.
          • Once your return has been e-filed, the government agencies will either accept or reject your tax return.
          • You will hear from us in case your tax return is rejected. We will work with you to resolve any pending issues until the tax return is successfully filed and accepted.
          • Most of the time, the tax return process for the year is completed once your return is accepted. However, please keep an eye on your bank account.
          • Ensure that tax payments have gone out as scheduled, or in the case of refunds, that the correct amount has been received in your bank account.
          • If more than three weeks have passed and you still have not received a refund, please track the status of your refund from various government agencies here.
          • If you have any questions or need to resolve any notices or file amendments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

            Your feedback is important to us as it helps us improve your experience. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and thank you for choosing E-Tax Corporation to provide you with financial peace of mind.